Welcome to Desert Ape's primary project, a world simulator currently titled Terra Colonia.
Terra Colonia is still in the earliest development stages, Alpha-Alpha if you will...

The Game

Terra Colonia is a game simulating the frontier experience on an alien world. You can strike forth into the uncharted wilderness, meet the natives, hunt the wildlife, ruthlessly plunder the local resources and ship them back to the Earth for your own financial gain!

The Setting

The Earth has become a polluted wasteland, humanity is in danger of extinction. Fortunately for the survivors, access to unsullied worlds has been established via a network of alien gateways. The resulting diaspora has lead to a land rush never before seen in human history.
With effectively limitless numbers of worlds available via the gate network, the remnants of humanity have thrown themselves across the cosmos. Scouts and explorers search new worlds to establish outposts. Settlers join these outposts to form communities and cities. Early outposts have already established their own independent industries, and are beginning to export products and technology to other worlds. Trade between worlds is limited by the capacity of the gate network, but a trickle of supplies is beginning to flow back to the beleaguered masses struggling for survival on Earth.

Expanded history can be found here.

Current Status

This is a free-time project, as such, progress often happens as time and inspiration present themselves.
If you would like an idea as to what I'm working on, please check out the Wishful Thinking List!